St. Louis Photo Authority® Summer Programs

Tyree Shaw, one of the St. Louis Photo Authority® youth interns, demonstrates camera use to elementary students.

Tyree Shaw, one of the St. Louis Photo Authority® youth interns, demonstrates camera use to elementary students.

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Registration – before June 1 — $395– after June 1 — $495 Parent volunteers are welcome. The day starts and ends at 858 Hodiamont, St. Louis

Scholarships available!

Film cameras will be provided, students must bring their own digital cameras.

June 17-21, 9am to 6pm

Photography day camps

Adventures in photography for your favorite young people! Designed for students 12-18 years old, each of our week long summer day camps teach students the fundamentals of photography and artistic composition. We cover a variety of areas of photography, such as landscape, nature, portrait, architecture and photo journalism, with lessons and practice. Each class has two teachers for up to 12 students and parent volunteers are welcome to join the fun! Here’s the outline:

Day One How to make great photos, part 1 We start with film, to learn the art of seeing. Fun in the classroom, fun outside! • Tell a story Subject - Who Surroundings - Where Action - What • Composition – how to frame your photos • Camera basics – yes, you can just point and press, but… • Creative visualization – the art of seeing • Think more, click less • Photo Review Day Two How to make great photos, part 2 We continue with film, learning to think more, click less. • Using your camera’s controls • ISO – how image noise can look really cool! • Aperture – Make the subject really stand out! • Shutter Speed – freeze or blur; you get to choose! • Focus – All the stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know! • More visualization – what Confucius said about it. • More photos, more review. Day Three How to make great photos, part 3 We switch to digital and spend a day exploring Forest Park. • Learning your zoom lens • Perspective (what you see depends on where you stand) • Action photo essentials (you can use it on your friends). • See the light (it went that a way)! • Review of our digital images. Day Four How to make great photos, part 4 • Studio photography is fun! • Posing people alone or in groups (no more dorky stuff, OK?). • Bending and blending with the sun – how to reflect light. • Photo review. Day Five Now you’ve got great photos! • Put together your portfolio – you get 5 free 8x10’s to keep and frame • We’ll make a few more photos… • The judges pick the best & you could win big! • Every child get a certificate of achievement suitable for framing! • Photo show of all the portfolio images in the evening, 7-9

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