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Forest Park Adventure 1

First in a Series of Forest Park Photo Walks

  • Wildlife – We’ll show how to get the most from your telephoto lens.
  • Macro photos – Learn where to look and how to get great close-up photos.
  • Landscapes – Yes, Missouri, landscape photography isn’t just for Utah anymore!
  • Too many opportunities to list!

Forest Park has been described as the St. Louis’ town square. But unlike any other town square, Forest Park is a mix of the best of nature and man. Most of us are familiar with Forest Park’s major shareholders: the Zoo, the Art Museum, Science Center, History Museum, the golf courses, and The Muny. There is much more to the park than just these jewels.

For the photographer, there is everything in Forest Park. Nature, wildlife, people, events, landscapes, sports; the possibilities are almost limitless! Bring your wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses for great photos all day long. Bring your tripod and cable release for night photos, bring your speedlight flash for filling in around the edges and take part in the photo fun to be found in America’s most amazing urban park!

We will meet in front of the Visitor’s Center (5595 Grand Dr.) no later than 2:45pm.

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