Day 88 - Never eat anything bigger than your head. by Edward Crim

I had walked all day to meet the swami at the top of the mountain. This was when I was a sprout, looking for wisdom in all sorts of off beat places (it was the 70’s after all). I was concerned about the threat of nuclear war, mass starvation, and race relations, so I was off for India in a bid to find the meaning of life. It’s a long flight to Delhi, and a 12 hour train ride into the mountains. From there a bus (itself a prewar relic) creaked, wheezed and groaned its way into increasingly higher altitudes, past vertiginous precipices, and sudden death curves to a village were we disembarked and hiked for almost 8 hours.

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Day 37 - For the birds by Edward Crim

The red-legged seriemas were flipping out as I walked into the bird house in the St. Louis Zoo today. I don’t know if they were protesting systemic injustice, or the fairness of their own incarceration or if they had been watching CNN or Fox News, but they were upset and making their displeasure known. The noise they were making was worse than a frat party and a lot more shrill. I stood for a minute and watched, then did what I always do to calm situations down;

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