Day 74 - Gettin’ frisky / by Edward Crim

It is undoubtedly true that before very long there will be a lot more birds in Forest Park. Ducks, geese and quite a variety of other species and types of our winged friends are feeling the spring urge, warning the others away from their own territory and ready to settle down and nest. It’s a good thing to do no matter what sort of creature you are (though I will make an exception for those inhabiting my attic), and nature is apparently feeling quite natural about now. 

Today I saw the Rosati-Kain Lacrosse team practicing near the Visitor Center, was able to watch a young woman driving a tanker truck full of you-know-what use a long hose to vacuum you-know-what out of the portable latrine by that same field. I really don’t envy her job, considering folks give me enough you-know-what in my current life to last for the rest of it. A little you-know-what goes a long way.

Over by the Nathan Frank Bandstand, situated on Alfred E Neuman Island in the middle of the pond in front of the Muny, a pair of geese floated over to see if I were the bread scattering sort of human. I had sat there by the edge of the pond to gain just the right sort of perspective where I could not see the giant yellow crane being used to rebuild the Muny stage (complete with secret torture chambers beneath). The bandstand hid the crane most effectively and I was able to capture the image I wanted.

The geese, evidently a mated pair, washed themselves by ducking (odd for a goose) their heads and necks under the water and using them to splash water onto their backs. One of them, presumably the male, though I have difficulty ascertaining this sort of thing with many species, did a rather impressive impersonation of Harvey Weinstein on a casting call. Impressive.

Goose love.

Goose love.