Day 68 - Then came the wind. / by Edward Crim

It was wet and cold, always a great combination, when I arose from my slumbers to engage the duties of the day. It was pouring down rain. The caterwauling and anguished barks of the falling waters reminded me I needed to finish preparing for a youth summer program expo at University City High School (to promote the photography day camps I am teaching), so I was off to the Studio in short order to collect what I needed before getting soaked while carrying it into the school. It went well, and I think I made a lot of connections with the students and parents who came through.

By the afternoon, when the expo was done and so was the rain, the sun peeped out and azure tints painted the firmament in cheerful tones. Wow, like, every thing was lit! I was off on a soggy slog through the park.

Today it seemed everything was calling my name. First was a young couple swinging their child in one of the swings behind the Visitor Center, then the shoots of young flowers aspiring to soon celebrate the new year in ecstatic bloom, reflections of the clouds and sky in one of the thousands of newly arrived puddles that dotted the landscape, the zig-zag bark of nearby pines, the base of a female Ginko tree covered with the remains of last year’s fruits, abandoned stone restrooms, a thick carpet of pine needles, and a lot more made my walk an active one, photographically. 

I don’t think I had walked more than a few miles before the wind began to blow harder, the clouds picked up speed in their race to the east, and the sun was hidden, all but a window of polished gold on the distant horizon. The daylight was fading, the trees began a frenzied dance with the west wind, and I packed up my things and headed for home and hearth.

The waters under the firmament.

The waters under the firmament.