Day 46 - Easy wind and downy flake / by Edward Crim

It did indeed start snowing at 12 noon, just as the weatherman had predicted. I was in the park planning a series of photos of the Grand Basin & Art Museum when the first flakes drifted lazily down, almost as if to say “We’re thinking of snowing, but right now we’re reviewing our options.”

It must have been the thing to do to keep snowing, as that is what happened. I came back to the Grand basin every hour after that to mark the progress of nature’s niveous panorama, until the day’s light was gone and the orange sodium vapor lights of the city ruled the night. 

The day was mild in wind and temperature, but the snow fell quickly at times, slanting from the northwest and hopping down my neck prompting me to put my hood up. There wasn’t much traffic in the park. Every once in a while someone not dressed for the weather would run from an idling automobile to hold her cell phone up and snap a photo of the most iconic scene of Forest Park, though most times I was standing in the middle of the picture.

Most of the time, however, I was alone, the snow muffling the sounds of the city around me and all I could hear above the drone of the fountains was the sweep of easy wind and downy flake. Thanks, Robert, it was a great evening.

Forest Park’s Grand Basin, 6pm

Forest Park’s Grand Basin, 6pm