Day 8 in Forest Park - Rigby tags along / by Edward Crim

He was looking at me with those great big puppy dog eyes (even though he's 8 years old). 
"No." I said 
He did a little dance and barked.
"Ain't happening." I informed him.
He sat and looked at me
"OK, you convinced me." I capitulated, grabbed his leash and a couple of plastic bags and we headed out the door.
In the car, I noticed he kinda needs a bath, but by then it was too late. We were off to America's premier urban park for a day of exploration and excitement.

For Rigby the dog, this consists of sniffing every other tree (gosh, that's a lot of trees) and leaving his calling card for the benefit of any other creatures that may pass that way. 

For me, it's thinking inside the box, using my camera's viewfinder to define the world around me, presenting it in a way that will arrest the attention of viewers and enable them to enter into my vision.

When I have an eager canine companion, this requires some leash management. Sometimes I stood on it while I photographed, at others I hooked it around something to give myself a peaceful moment. Either way, whether it worked or not, I'll leave you to decide.