Day 6 in Forest Park / by Edward Crim


I spent some time today thinking about what has changed in Forest Park since 2009, when I created my first 365 project ( In addition to the new building and parking garage at the Art Museum, there is a new wild area on the north side of the improved Central Fields (with new rest rooms and pavilions), a lot of new signs around the park, a rebuilt Government drive between Wells Drive and the north entrance of the zoo, a bridge over Wells Drive at the zoo, and a host of other improvements around the park. There are still other changes that I would like to see made to make Forest Park more pedestrian and bike friendly, but I’ll save that for another day.

This day was warm for a Saint Louis January, and the citizens were out in force, walking, running, biking and driving through the park and enjoying the weather. We even had a break in the clouds mid-afternoon for the sun to shine through! I wandered the area north east of the Muny, walking over Lafayette Bridge, near the equestrian statue of Civil War General Franz Siegal, Columbus Bridge by Round Lake and the Old Stable Bridge by the lower Muny parking lot. I captured a number of images, but generally unsatisfied, I returned to the park a bit after dark and wandered around photographing the iconic scenes at night. Oh, and I hope you like the Planetarium Swing.