Day 5 in Forest Park - Sunrise on Art Hill / by Edward Crim

Day 5 in Forest Park.

Getting out of bed in the morning is not exactly my favorite exercise, but this morning I exerted myself and when early-born rosy-fingered dawn appeared in the east, silhouetting the skyline of the French king’s city, I was standing on Art Hill, in awe and wonder at the glory of it all and, of course, working my camera to try and capture some of that splendor. With me were 5 other members of the Saint Louis Photography Club, each of us sporting a camera. It was a quiet affair, totally out of keeping with many American’s view of life in Saint Louis. There were no gunshots, no sirens, no cars speeding by with roar of engine and squeal of tires. It was just us and the beginnings of a new day. 

Here are all the photos.

FP365 day 5 040.jpg
FP365 day 5 041.jpg