Day 12 in Forest Park - wet and cold / by Edward Crim

Not a blizzard, but a lot of snow, and it didn’t seem to want to stop. Yesterday’s gentle snowfall continued overnight, paused for a brief while, and gradually turned to freezing rain. It was raining as I waited on this Great Blue Heron to make his move. I was sitting in 10 inches of very wet snow at the south end of Jefferson Lake with my long lens set to 400mm hoping he would find his dinner and I could catch a bit of action.

“Come on, Big Blue, get that fish!” I whispered to myself, thinking that maybe this wish of mine would exert some influence over my subject, but he (or she, as the case may be) declined all my silent entreaties and just stood there, in the middle of the pond getting rained upon.

Under the umbrella with my camera.

Under the umbrella with my camera.

It was about time to leave, and Paul, one of my friends from the Saint Louis Photography Club, offered to carry my tripod back up the bank to where my car was parked. After loading my gear, I cruised the park looking at the trees. I’m trying to find lone trees that stand out from the others and reveal their forms. There are tall trees, plump trees, broad trees, and twisted trees in many different sizes. One of my goals this year is to get 4 seasons photos of them. Here are a few from today.

Earlier today, just before noon, I chanced upon one of my customers from Arttech, the photo lab I used to manage in the Central West End. I chatted with her and her husband for a few moments, mentioning that I saw 6 deer in the Kennedy Forest Friday night. Mike, the husband, confirmed my sighting and told me the deer had been in the park for about 6 weeks.

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