Day 11 in Forest Park - Let it snow! / by Edward Crim

Yes, I was singing “Let it snow” when I picked up my daughter Rebecca at school today. Her school, like so many others, let out early, and I was thinking about a niveous world as I puttered about the city on our way home. I am not disappointed with the results. I got to the park after traffic thickened to the point of being annoying, but once inside and walking through the Kennedy Forest, I practically had the entire park to myself! I did have a few technical difficulties with snow on the lens of my camera, the rain jacket I put on it not fitting quite right (making it hard to see through the viewfinder), my coat not having a hood (causing snow to fall down my neck when I leaned forward to take photos) and my camera fogging up when I got back into my car.

But in spite of these difficulties I managed a good walk through the woods to the southern edge of the golf course, and then along that edge to the embankment next to the western side of the park (where I slid down said embankment and banged my head on the not-so-soft grass). I got some photos of one of my favorite lone trees before trudging up the walking path toward Wells drive. At Wells, I paused to get some photos of the new entry monument (the one that says Fo re st Pa rk) before walking eastward to where I had parked my faithful Ford Ranger (my one concession to my inner redneck). It was then that I saw the deer running through the woods on my left. I had heard a report from a stranger in the park earlier this week, that he had seen deer in the park, but I wasn’t really inclined to put too much faith in it. I have seen muskrats, rabbits, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, bats, opossums, coyotes and a beaver in the park, but I had never seen a deer. Can’t say that now!

Oh, yes, photos.