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View from the Window at Le Gras  by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, c.1826

View from the Window at Le Gras by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, c.1826

On the history of photography...

So... do you know when it all got started? Don't say 1839, 'cause that was just when the French government unloaded the most poisonous photo process EVER into the laps of people everywhere. Of course, that process did get its 15 years of fame before it was unceremoniously shoved into the trash bin of history. There's a lot to learn, so check out this page of fabulous links, continually updated by the unsleeping scribes and scholars at the St. Louis Photo Authority®'s Library of Photography, and learn a thing or two!

Algae  by Anna Atkins c.1843

Algae by Anna Atkins c.1843

Antique and alternative processes

Whoa, Nellie! Almost everyone is aware that people (as in Homo Sapiens type of people) are still shooting silver-gelatin film and making prints in dark rooms (what are they trying to hide?), but did you know there are still Daguerrotypists on our planet? And they are sometimes accompanied by the Wet Collodion crowd? There are also practitioners of the dark arts of Cyanotype, Platinotype and others you've probably never heard of! 

Salt Printing process

Say Ah!  by Edward Crim c. 2018

Say Ah! by Edward Crim c. 2018

Current Stuff

Trash or treasure? Well, if it's here on the STLPA site, it's obviously treasure, as only the really good stuff gets past our experienced and knowledgeable photo fact-checkers! Whether it's aperture's effect on sharpness and depth of field or a Zenit camera's usefulness in the field, we take on all comers and settle disputes in a manner calculated to sooth your fears and calm your racing heart. Stick with us, baby, and you can't go wrong.